how it works


Our value algorithm will provide an agency value and associated Agency Value Report. Our valuation calculation is verified by agencies and used by M&A specialists.


The calculation consists of a range of questions which will result in your agency’s final valuation. You can leave and return to the questions if you don’t have time to complete them all in one go or need to discuss them with a colleague. On submitting your answers you will be presented with a comprehensive valuation report which will include your current agency valuation.

The valuation

Instead of using generic business factors to determine your value, we have developed and tested a unique algorithm, using in-depth sector research.

We have engaged with many different parties to help develop our thinking: Agency Owners, Employees, Clients, Network Agency groups, Business Consultancies and Accountants.

We then boiled down all the insights into a unique algorithm, at a stroke taking a once convoluted process and simplifying for our clients. The algorithm uses the ‘driving and restraining forces’ of value, arrived at through real insights, combined with a dataset of Agency acquisition attributes. 

Typically, most agencies are characterised by an imbalance of forces for a variety of reasons, which forms the basis of our algorithm. 

Fundamentally, our approach involves 4 simple steps:

Diagnose value forces:

Market analysis
Client NPS / satisfaction
Capability and skills audit
Growth clinic

Define ambition:

Market and Client trends
Options available to build value
Competitor interference
Commercial value

Action ambition:

Leadership development plan
Growth plan
New ways of working
Governance & delivery
Coaching / Mentoring

Review value:

Agency Value review
Business creation
Offering development

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