Why choose ouragencyvalue

How do you put a value on your agency? A true value that properly reflects your reputation, culture, resources, achievements and future potential? How do you maximise that value at just the right moment? And what if an algorithm could help?

That’s where We come in.

There are several firms that specialise in selling agencies or businesses, but they’re usually only interested when the sale can be conducted within six months.

ouragencyvalue is different. We take a longer-term view. As a leading business advisory and consultancy partnership, we provide succession planning advice and growth consultancy to some of the best Agency founders and leadership teams in our industry. But that’s not all.

I’m interested in:
maximising the value of my agency
I’m interested in:
succession planning
I’m interested in:
selling my agency
I’m interested in:
planning an exit strategy

What exactly do we do and how?

We help exceptional agencies who have spent years building value for their clients’ brands and are ready to consider ways to build medium to long term value for themselves. It all starts from understanding today’s value specifically in our industry and offering a few early suggestions to increase appeal.

But here’s where it gets really interesting. Instead of using generic business factors to determine your value, we have developed and tested a unique algorithm, using in-depth sector research.

Why not put it to the test? To see what your company is worth today just complete the value calculator. There’s no catch, no obligation – and no follow-up sales calls.

The cutting edge of marketing research

As a business we continuously undertake market research in the marketing, media and publishing sector. We work with a number of agencies across the UK helping the industry increase its value and develop the next generation of leaders to develop even more value for shareholders

Our confidentiality promise

Our valuation tool has been developed to give agencies a better idea of their value and potential. Be assured we are not going to cold call once you have used our calculator, we’d rather you took it upon yourself to call us.

Our speciality is in helping businesses understand the future possibilities and growth potential for their agency.