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A network
of experienced
to support
your agency

When we first founded our consultancy, we had no intentions of creating another marketing agency. However, to our surprise a number of agencies realised they could benefit from our inherent skills, experience and capabilities to promote themselves or supplement existing resources. Most agencies are now operating tight teams and from time to time seek freelance support, beyond our own team, we have an extensive and talented network of experienced agency people to strengthen your agency or even an in-house Client Agency.

We are an Agency who loves working with other Agencies, especially those with a firm eye on the medium to long-term and are selfishly committed to building real value into their business. You can continue to look after your Clients whilst we can help you develop your value.

What Our Agency Clients Say About Us

Naturally we’re unable to reveal names due to client confidentiality but we work with Agencies ranging from disruptive, agile challenger agencies to specialist regional established players.

Full Service, Agricultural Specialist Agency Founder

“Shaun has been working with us for over 2 years to help develop our external messaging and approach. This has involved looking at our key competencies as an agency in relation to our knowledge and relationships. This resulted in a complete rebrand which helped us clarify our key areas of strength and focus on the major areas of opportunity we had.

In addition Shaun has helped strengthen the team (in both skill and resource) in order to develop additional business from our core client base. This has help us gain business that we were originally not in a position to evolve – as well as strengthening our client services. All this culminates in a better agency service and lessens the risks from other agencies.” 

Leading Market Research Agency Director

“Shaun’s highly inquisitive nature is such that he forms an instant relationship with anyone he meets. He has the unique ability to force you to challenge your beliefs (especially when you don’t want to) which always results in the deeper and more rounded understanding of any challenge you are looking at.

Working as our Chairman, he has developed great relationships with our young executive team and encouraged us to challenge how we think.

I genuinely believe that this focus has stopped us sleepwalking into mediocrity and the whole business is sharper and more open as a result of his work to date.”

Creative Communications Agency Chief Executive

“We engaged with ouragencyvalue to help create a business that was ripe for a sale. To us it made sense to do this before we are looking to realise value rather than after, so that we could build something with appeal to the market NOW, that not only maximised multiples but also future proofed our model as much as is possible in this fast paced environment.

This entailed a deep dive diagnosis of the agency to ensure we were treating causes and not symptoms. It highlighted a need to get our proposition right initially, followed by defining, developing and launching a project management system and process to maximise creative, digital and account management resources. Hence we became faster and better immediately, which was evident on the bottom line. 

Once our proposition was understood internally – we turned the cannons outward and Shaun Cooper was invaluable in helping develop our growth strategy – which we knew we could actually sustain, as we had already re-engineered the business processes to do more, with less.

The business is going well and more recently we have hired the team to help with some senior mentoring to totally ensure alignment of strategy to delivery via development of our top people. All in all, Shaun and team have helped us get the agency on track, building something that will have more appeal and greater value in what is a very tight market.”